October 25, 2017

"Some person who was in a big hurry rear ended my car. During a very stressful time I found Collision Craft. They do a lot of work for the high end car dealers on the Ogden Ave car dealer strip so after visiting SIX other body shops I found them because nobody wanted to deal with State Farm and their lowball estimate and reimbursements. Collision Craft was recommended by the dealership where I bought my car. I brought my car in and talked to Chett. He seemed like a upstanding guy. The deciding factor for me was all of the very high end cars they had in their shop. I decided to go with them and couldn't be happier. These are skilled people who know their stuff. They are extremely courteous and have unreal skills. I doubt that many body shops could match the paint but you couldn't tell the difference if I pointed it out to you. A big shout out to Ryan who drove me home while I babbled at him. Big hint: Don't get hit by someone who has State Farm, they USED to be a decent insurance company but haven't been one for about 10 years. I had to get a private appraisal which State Farm ended up paying for and only then did they raise my estimate to an appropriate dollar amount because why should I file a claim with MY insurance to get them to pay for what THEIR client did? This might sound like a cliché but you don't stay in business for 40 years by being a bad business. I have lived pretty close to them for 22 years and never knew they were there. This a great body shop and from now on if someone damages my car or truck this is where I will take it but in all honesty I hope that never happens again, especially if they are one the companies that are constantly advertising on TV like State Farm. These are good and skilled people, that's really all I needed to say."
April 7, 2017

"Wow, we brought my boyfriends Lexus here for new bumpers, we were very pleased with the service. The best part was they are open on Saturdays :) Thanks!"
February 23, 2017

"This group of guys were wonderful. They were so polite and helpful with a fender bender i had. Acura suggested them to me and i am glad they did."
February 19, 2017

"I was in an accident and Acura referred me to Collision Craft. That day I went over and Chett gave me an estimate with no issues. Even though I have State Farm and they aren't on the approved list, I had no issues. I emailed him my SF approved estimate, they ordered my parts and I dropped off my car. He said it would probably be about three days for the repairs and it was. My car was back to her beautiful self when I picked her up and I was extremely happy. If I ever need body work done on any future cars I will most likely use Collision Craft!!! It's nice when a stressful situation isn't so bad!"
January 23, 2017

"Had somebody hit my car. Chet at Collision Craft handled my claim. Front bumper, headlight all needed replacement. Work was done as promised. No issues. Well run shop and I would recommend a friend to this place."