September 21, 2018

"Like it never happened.These guys have shown quality work to me and my family for several years. Working with Chet and Ryan is always a pleasure.Thank you guys."
September 15, 2018

"If you need body work done on your car, this is the place to go!"
April 18, 2018

"My entire family have had their cars repaired by this place. After my father had such a good experience here with his Ford, I went with my Chevy, and then my brother went with his hyundai. they don't do mechanical repairs but they will have your car looking brand new. cost is typically the cheapest around."
February 13, 2018

"van was hit in pretty bad accident, thought it was totaled NOPE, this place took my van for a month, fixed er all up, and got the frame back nearly to plumb. still to this day one of my best running vans. that was over 5 years ago. since then a few repairs here and there to get my fleet up and running. always a smile from the owner too."
February 10, 2018

"Best body shop around. Everyone loves Al !"